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"I absolutely love my tweed jacket and the tweed skirt to match.  The jacket makes me feel so much smarter on the school run, and I love the fact I can change the way it is worn for different outfits." 
Maira A

  "I just love my new poncho. I wear it everywhere, especially in the chillier evenings. The fact it’s Made in Britain is so important, and I love that I can support this." 
Yvonne N
"I have lost count of the number of times people – often total strangers – have asked where my Liberty Kelly jacket is from. I guess I do wear it a lot…. I love the fact that after a few wears the wool sort of moulds around the body and softens so it becomes a totally tailored fit." 
Sally B
" I love this poncho, (Wagtail Faux Fur) and every time I wear it I get so many questions about where its from xx"
Hunters & Heels
"Love, Love, Love my new tweed from Liberty Kelly! Anyone at Burghley HT pop down to her store and take a look"
Molly S